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The FeltLOOM Owners Conference: A Unique Support Community

Lan Mark Farm, Home of the FeltLOOMThe 4th Annual FeltLOOM Owners Conference will take place Friday, September 12 through Monday, September 15, 2014 at the LanMark Farm and Lodge in Sharpsburg, Kentucky.

This exciting annual event brings a diverse group of FeltLOOM owners from across the country to the birthplace of FeltLOOM, at Lanette Freitag’s and Don Bowles’ LanMark Farm and FeltLOOM headquarters in scenic Sharpsburg, KY. This year, the focus of the Owners Conference will be on the very important topic of Product Development.

FeltLOOM owners include individual fiber artists, small and medium-size fiber mills, fashion and home décor design enterprises, and other creative entrepreneurs and institutions. The Owners Conference is an exceptional opportunity to meet, learn, and share information about the FeltLOOM experience.

Feltloom ConferenceThis year, special attention will be paid to possibilities for product development and marketing. Besides speaker panels and Q&A sessions, all participants will be divided into teams to actually build a new product. The conference and its individual sessions will be attended not only by the FeltLOOM founding and creative team but by artists, designers, and special guests. By popular demand, a pre-conference (Thursday, September 11) and post-conference (Monday-Tuesday, September 15-16) workshops have been scheduled.

The star line-up of speakers and leaders for this 3-day FeltLOOM intensive will include:

Each conference session will be open for discussion, and participants are highly encouraged to come prepared with questions for our panel of experts.

Highlights at the 2014 FeltLOOM Owners Conference will include special morning sessions with fashion designer Jeffrey Monteiro, who has worked as design director at Bill Blass. Jeffrey will share his experience in clothing design and apply his expertise to designing with FeltLOOM. On Friday evening, The Lexington Fashion Collective will collaborate with us on a fashion show of garments from FeltLOOMers. Models will be available to showcase the clothing, and photographers will be on hand to capture great shots. Participants are invited to bring work to display in the show. A style-room setting area will accompany the fashion show, where FeltLOOMers can display home décor designs.

Zabielski1This annual conference is a special opportunity reserved only for FeltLOOM owners. It is just one of the ways that the FeltLOOM community supports its owners and helps them develop business and creative plans with their FeltLOOM. SPACE IS LIMITED, please register early. For further details on costs and to receive a complete copy of the schedule, please contact 855-335-8566 / info@feltloom.com or register directly via our website. Lodging is available in the area. Camping on the LanMark farm is permitted.

Pre-conference workshop: Thursday, September 11, 6:30PM – Learn dyeing techniques with fiber artist Laverne Zabielski ($25 per person) Post-conference workshop: Monday & Tuesday, September 15-16 – Dr. Etoia Rivera-Strohm, Knitwear & Accessories Design Professor at the Columbus College of Art and Design, will teach you to make a mannequin that fits your body as well as draping techniques, using FeltLOOM fabric designed by Lanette Freitag. Participants go home with a mannequin and draped top. ($300.00 per person; includes all supplies and meals).

Are you new to the FeltLOOM? It is the only fabric making machine of its kind, allowing artists, small businesses, professionals, and educators to explore creativity and product development like never before! Learn more.

New Advancements in Surface Design with the FeltLOOM

What an exhilarating time to be a feltmaker, a felt women’s and men’s fashion designer, and a designer of felt home fashion! In our last post  we covered the exciting trend sweeping the runways worldwide – felt. Today we want to talk about the element that draws many artists and designers to the wondrous world of felt – surface design. 

FeltLOOM, Needle Felting EquipmentFeltmaking is the ultimate textile design playground, affording you free reign to experiment with color and texture, to satisfy your creative goals to your heart’s content. Whether you are interested in developing color stories for your collection of home décor goods, or in exploring the drape of various fibers for your outerwear collection, the FeltLOOM line of needle-felting, fabric-making machines makes your tasks easy, accessible, and enjoyable. FeltLOOM, Fiber Conversion EquipmentWith FeltLOOM, you can easily combine different colors of wool fiber to study how the colors blend together in the finished fabric. You can also dye the fabric created on the FeltLOOM. You can combine a variety of fibers, including wools, alpaca, and silk, and explore the drape and tactility of the finished fabric. Whether your signature style is abstract and minimalist, or realist and colorful, you are able to create felted fabrics with floral, geometric, or free-form designs, using either naturally colored fiber or dyed fiber.

Artist: Sharon Janda

Artist: Sharon Janda

Sharon Janda of Wild Plum Designs creates exquisite felt art-to-wear. Her jackets, scarves, vests, shawls, and other accessories, many of which are created with the FeltLOOM, are vibrant, elegant, and completely original.

At Stramba Farm Alpacas & More natural, undyed colors are used to create sophisticated yet earthy FeltLOOM-felted fabric appropriate for use in clothing or home décor.
Artist: Sharon Janda

Artist: Sharon Janda

At Whispering Spirit Alpacas loosely spun yarn is added to the surface of wool to create subtle and intricate surface design patterns in this handsome vest.

Whispering Spirit

Whispering Spirit

Whether you are developing an entire line of products out of felted fabric, a capsule collection for a fashion show, or just researching and experimenting, our machines offer convenience, flexibility, and save you time.

Stramba Farms Alpacas

Stramba Farms Alpacas

With a FeltLOOM machine at your beck and call, you no longer need to be at the mercy of third-party fabric producers – you can produce fabric samples of various sizes on your own machine. Neither must you rely on the laborious and often inconsistent results produced by the wet felting method. The fabric you create on a FeltLOOM is reliably consistent and produced at a fraction of the time.

FeltLOOM in the MediaWhatever your surface design aspirations are, guided by your imagination and with beautiful fiber at your fingertips, your creative design process will flourish with the help of a FeltLOOM machine in your studio. With four kinds of machines in the series, you choose the size and other parameters that suit your needs best. The main differences among the machines in the series are the size, needle density, and speed. All FeltLOOM machines felt consistently and give high quality results.