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Introducing New Energy & (Even More) Support at FeltLOOM!

Congratulations to Terri Stramba who recently signed on with FeltLOOM as a Manufacture Rep working with a title and job description of Business Development Manager!  Focusing on generating sales as well as helping to develop the dealer network, pre- and post-sales support, as well as additional products.  We recently caught up with Terri and had the chance to learn more about her interesting background and plans for the FeltLOOM.

FL_Stramba“I love seeing all the creative ways that the owners use the feltLOOM to create truly unique product. I have been surprised at just how many are using the FeltLOOM to make a simple insole product that is very popular and utilizes course fibers.  Then there are art installations, sound curtains, home decor, rugs from simple waste bits to glorious art rugs and then the garments that I am constantly in awe of what some of these artists are turning out. I think every time we expose the FeltLOOM to a new artist we are going to see new great creations as it is only limited by the imagination of the operator.”

TRENDSPOTTING IN FELTChristina_vest black and white_web

FeltLOOM: Do you see trends in felting through your own businesses that you can share with us?
Terri: I am finding people are coming around to Felt.  At a recent FeltLOOM owners conference Janice Arnold from JA Felt challenged us to develop a language of Felt. Simply meaning felt is when the fibers will shrink no more, everything else is pre-felt or a hybrid. Now that people are seeing high quality felt used in fashion, interest in it is growing again.

From the mill standpoint it gives an option to fiber growers that don’t want to be bothered with selling their yarn or have no interest in yarn. We can now take their fibers and turn them into rugs, blankets or fabric that they can use or give as gifts.


Stramba_AlpacasFeltLOOM: What does the day in the life of Terri Stramba generally look like, and how do you manage all of the commitments and find time to be creative yourself?
Terri: I start the day around 5am checking emails and responding to inquiries.  We are a family-run mill, and we all meet around 8:00 to get started on the days’ work.  I return calls and follow up during the day from the studio while also using my studio as a second FeltLOOM showroom.  I have the 66 inch Pro Series and a Lexi in the studio.  We also will take the Lexi to the customer, shows, or offsite workshops.  During the afternoon I check on the alpacas. I usually save my larger projects for early evening. I also like to invite other fiber artists into the mill studio.  It is really fun to bring someone that has fantastic color theory into to show them how and were we blend color in the process of milling effects the outcome.

We are also putting together a schedule of workshops that we will be running on the FeltLOOM out of the studio as well. I tend to get inspired by inspiring others to create. The workshops will run similar to the now popular paint nites. We have done scarfs, wraps and rugs and will be adding a bag, happy feet insoles, a no sew vest and some other fun projects to the line up.

There is a use for every fiber out there, you just have to make sure the fit matches your project.  Compost is a perfectly viable use for short dirty seconds of any breed of animal.  Don’t try to use course seconds for fine fabric or yarn.  But It is suitable for corespun rug yarn, felted rugs, or insoles. Grade 1 baby any fiber is not going to hold up to wear and tear on a garment or home decor item but makes a luxury yarn.  Don’t fear the blends, some people are truly allergic to wool, but for others there are some truly wonderful wool breeds that will make your alpaca felt or spin into a better finished product as well as some fun fibers to sass things up a bit…..  The only wrong thing to do with your fiber is nothing, get it out of storage and let us show you how to turn it into product to use or sell, with the FeltLOOM!

I encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about the FeltLOOM to contact me at 855 335 8566.

FeltLOOM has worked hard to build a family community feel with continuing education at their annual FeltLOOM owners conference held the first weekend after labor day at Lanmark farm.  FeltLOOM will be bringing on soft goods to help supply the FeltLOOM owners beyond the sale of the machines with high quality fibers, needles, and other goods to help them with their materials needs in one place at a great price.